Nancy has been and is passionate about creating programs and platforms to help women overcome adversity and to find purpose by Finding Something More

Nancy Rench, earned a Bachelor of Science Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and Real Estate from California State University, Long Beach.  With a penchant for education she simultaneously earned a Teaching Credential in Business Management.  She later went on to serve on the Bethany School Board of Directors, Long Beach.  Formerly with Chicago Title Company for 18 years, she enjoyed tremendous success as a Vice President.

As previous fashion reporter for a CBS affiliate, she possesses a plethora of experience in that world. She has organized seminars, trade shows and fundraising events throughout her career and has produced numerous fashion shows including freelance work for major department stores. This experience has served her well in her most notable achievement to date, Finding Something More™, which she conceived in 2007.
Finding Something More™ is dedicated to inspiring women to look beyond their circumstances and to reach for Something More – something more personal, something more meaningful, something more fulfilling.

More specifically, Finding Something More™ consists of three distinct facets:

  1. Finding Something More™ – What is one’s life-driven purpose today, tomorrow and ultimately?
  2. Being Something More – Once one has found one’s purpose,  how does one achieve it?  Finding Something More™ provides the tools to achieve this purpose.  Personal growth and development are realized through events, fundraisers, inspirational speakers and community partnerships.
  3. Doing Something More – With one’s purpose and intention defined, and the necessary tools implemented, one can now experience Finding Something More™ in the form of community outreach, mentorship and personal goals.

Nancy truly has walked the walk. It is evident in all aspects of her leadership efforts. Courageously battling cancer, she inspired her peers, colleagues and friends. Her commitment to life, her incredible attitude and her unflagging spirit were the spring board for Finding Something More™. 

Leading by example her perspective and balance resonates through her keynote speaking engagements, events and mentorship programs.

Hence, having experienced the full spectrum of life, from personal challenges to success in the business world, Nancy shares perceptive insights with humor and candor. Her approach to real issues allows for engaging presentations on topics of interest that are relevant to women from all walks of life.

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