“I have a quote on my wall that says, ‘we are all just walking each other home.’ I truly feel like this is what Finding Something More™ is all about. This group has provided wonderful ways for me to dive deeper into my personal growth; and the support of the other women has been such a rich blessing. Being involved with FSM makes it easier for me to stay the course spiritually and to tune into what is important….the walk home.”
– Laurany Gergen, Huntington Beach
Finding Something More™ saved my life and gave me a sense of purpose. I felt that my life had become hopeless. I had lost myself, and then Nancy reached out to me. I attended my first bible study and was welcomed with open arms. I could be myself say what was on my mind and found only caring, loving, non-judgmental beautiful women. This group made me realize how strong I am and that I was never alone. I will be forever grateful to Nancy and Finding Something More™. LOVE YOU NANCY RENCH…. And will never forget what you have done for me.”
– Carla Davis, Huntington Beach
“As the Finding Something More™ Woman of the Year nominee this year, I think about all the other women who are nominated. I recognize the joy this must bring them and how meaningful that is to encourage other leaders. Just genius.”
– Kelly Cason, Huntington Beach
“As a radio talk show host for the past 8 years, I have had the pleasure to interview Orange County’s best and brightest each week on Real People OC at KUCI 88.9 FM. I sit for an hour in awe of the accomplishments of everyday people that have dedicated their lives to their professions or personal causes. Because of my talk show, I come in to contact with some extraordinary people. It is with great pleasure that I have met Nancy Rench, Founder of Something More. In her organization, she brings to life what I attempt to do on the airwaves. She has made it her passion to honor great women and highlight their accomplishments to our community. As women, when we pause to honor each other for important work, we deepen our connection to our local communities. This has a direct impact on how we individually provide stewardship for that community. Thank you to Something More for your tireless efforts in providing a space for us to honor women that impact their community and make the world a better place. When we see others contribute so much, each of us can reflect and look for ways to give something more in our own lives. I can’t think of a more positive ripple effect. Praise for Something More”
– Kimberlee Martin, Huntington Beach
“Nancy Rench (Founder of Something More™) has organized a Training and Mentorship Program for the Lydia House of Long Beach. Their kindness and insight have brought a fresh and renewing perspective to our residents. We are so grateful for their partnership with us.”
– Tonya Hubbard, Director of Lydia House
“Nancy is a fantastic leader. The work she is doing here is truly making a difference in the lives of others.”
– Alanna Sharpe Bell, Colorado
Finding Something More™ is finding a woman willing to lay down her life to help save yours.”
– Amber Dambra, Huntington Beach
“Thank you, Nancy, for honoring Ashlyn as the Ambassador of your Finding Something More™ Power of Reading Program. You are a kind, loving, and spirit filled soul.”
– Ashlyn Levin, Ambassador of FSM Power of Reading Program
“I’m so grateful to Something More as I value these women and the truest of friendships I’ve gained from knowing and loving them. I see and feel Jesus love in the grace, kindness, and beauty this group brings.”
– Barbara Kunze, Huntington Beach
“Something More is a wonderful collaboration of professional women attracting a diverse and socially conscious synergy that is responsive to women in philanthropy and community causes. I’m so proud to be a part of Something More.”
– Pilar Pinel, Long Beach. FSM WOY 2018
“At Finding Something More™ I have found fellowship with a group of wonderful women who are all individually special but as a group are strong and outstanding women who build each other up while sharing their ups and down in a Christ filled environment. Women who, no matter their personal circumstances, are there to help others.”
– Molly Van Wagner
“I walked out feeling like I could do anything. Three weeks later, I was doing it”
– Debi Piuser, West Jordan UT
“I enjoy the fellowship, the wonderful array of vendors who always have unique and practical things to purchase—a great time to start Christmas shopping. I have written a book because of my involvement with Something More. There are so many opportunities available, such as a silent auction, live auction, but best of all are the people you meet. They never disappoint!”
– Judy Heck, Laguna Hills, CA
“Just wanted to tell you about my experience with Finding Something More™ women. First is the FAITH you have in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. All of you come from a place of kindness, encouragement, and huge hearts for others. There is the giving back to the community, the strength, the wisdom, the loyalty, and a fierce love for Jesus. You are ALL angels here on earth, and I am truly blessed to be a part of your “Woman of the Year” event. God Bless you all.”
– Melinda Taddeo, Designer Details
Finding Something More™ is a welcoming community of caring individuals. I am new to the area, and Nancy has gone above and beyond to help me connect with others. It’s been such a positive community that serves a purpose! I’m so grateful that I have found Finding Something More™. ”
– Kristin Notestine, Huntington Beach
“I had such a great time spending the day with you. You have given me so much from a simple ear to listen to the little tricks to keeping my relationships healthy and lasting. Even simply greeting a person by their name every time they walk by, is so powerful. I am so blessed in so many ways by you; you exemplify what Christ teaches us about how to act and treat others.”
– Sarah Floyd, Lydia House
“I was nominated this year for Finding Something More’s Woman of the Year. Thank you so much for this incredible honor. I don’t think I belong with these remarkable women. What you have done by elevating these women is nothing short of genius. Each year as I think about these women who are nominated, I think of the joy this must bring them and how meaningful that is to encourage other leaders. Just genius.”

“My company always looks forward to your events each year. They are classy and fun! I can’t believe how you’ve grown each year. Thank you, Nancy, for the opportunity to be a part of you and Finding Something More™. I am your biggest fan.”
– Kelly Cason, Huntington Beach
“For the past four years, I’ve been honored and excited to attend the Finding Something More™ Events and have been so impressed & inspired by the incredible women involved. These women volunteer, mentor, inspire & change the lives of less fortunate women, empowering & enabling them to be more confident and courageous. I’ve also witnessed how these women lift each other and promote kindness to all around! Nancy Rench has personally embraced my family and me with these lovely acts of kindness!”
– Gabby Bierman, Long Beach
“It’s her style, her class, and her experience that brings me back.”
– Alexandra Hoover, Aliso Viejo CA