After we seek and then Find Something More™ in our lives
we then have a longing to BE Something More
through our personal growth and development. 

Come alongside us and grow into the Woman that God designed you to be.

Find your opportunity to BE Something More in one of our programs:

Woman of the Year

Finding Something More’s team will be selecting a woman who has inspired others to a degree of honor. 

Nominate the woman who has inspired and influenced your life by being an example of grace, kindness, giving, and above all, love. She may give back to the community, volunteer at her place of worship, or be a positive person in her workplace. She may be tirelessly giving to souls in need. 

We all know this person. She is a mentor, role model and unknowingly changes lives. 

Please submit your entry by October 22, 2021. 

We will be in touch with nominees for additional information after they accept their nomination. 

The winner will receive a $500+ donation to a charity of her choice and a special Woman’s Day Out. 

Nominate the Woman of the Year for 2021

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