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Ambassador Miss Ashlyn Levin

In 2014, Nancy met Kelly Levin and her 24-year-old daughter who had contracted Lyme disease. Nancy was so touched by the love and dedication that this family had for one another, that she immediately wanted to offer her assistance by doing something special for this young woman.

Led by example, Nancy reflected back to when she was a young girl, remembering how her mother would voluntarily read to an elderly woman every week. Nancy believed that Ashlyn would benefit and enjoy having someone read to her, too. When she suggested this idea to Kelly, she said her daughter’s face filled with excitement at the thought of having someone come to her home and read to her.

Sometimes the gift of giving comes right back to you. Nancy thought that she was going to bring Ashlyn Something More™ by giving her the gift of love, time, and entertainment. Instead, it was Nancy who walked away with Finding Something More™–a warm heart from giving the gift of time to Ashlyn.

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