Do you long to Find Something More, be Something More, and do Something More?

Nancy Rench is a dynamic and heartfelt speaker who has been motivating and inspiring her audiences for years. She shares an unmatched authenticity that meets the mark of every event she attends.

Outreach Events

If you’re looking for a motivating and educational keynote speaker, her experience in mass audience communication and interpersonal connection brings with it relevant life experience, humor, and candor. Regardless of the event or audience, receive an unmatched personal and heartfelt connection for the message of your organization, nonprofit, or charity to boost awareness and education.

Business and Corporate Keynotes and Seminars

Seeking a speaker for your corporate conference, seminar, or outreach event? Nancy’s
education, background, and success in the business world can provide a unique approach to real issues your team is facing. Her engaging presentations on topics of interest, that are relevant to men and women of all walks of life, are informed by her history of triumph against odds and are designed to encourage others to be the best version of themselves.

Conferences or Retreats

Find a speaker who can reflect the vision for your conference or retreat by collaborating with a speaker known for audience connection. Nancy provides a sobering reality to overcoming obstacles having experienced the full spectrum of life in business and personal lives. Receive more than just a speech but a connection from a speaker that arrives genuinely for the people attending.


“From her courageous battle with cancer to the loving way she has raised her daughter, Nancy has inspired so many of us around with her commitment to life, her incredible attitude, and unflagging spirit. She manages to find a way to keep a perspective and balance to herself that many of us can only dream about. As a keynote speaker, the audience will always walk away with ‘Something More’.”

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