Spotlight – Barbara Kunze

Barbara Kunze has accepted the position of our Finding Something More Director of Mentorship Program for the Lydia House of Long Beach, which is the female and family shelter house associated with the Long Beach Rescue Mission. She has been a volunteer mentor since the program’s inception. Our deep desire to mentor these women still remains a constant, and starting this month, we are beginning a Mentoring our Mentees using the Zoom platform as meeting with them individually hasn’t been possible due to COVID restraints.

FSM: Barbara, how long have you been mentoring with FSM?

Barbara: “I began the mentorship at the first opportunity in Spring 2017. I thought the concept of walking with another woman from a broken background and being able to listen to their story, where they are struggling, and supporting them through love and prayer was something I was honored to do.”

FSM: What is the most compelling experience you have with each Mentee?

Barbara: “Listening with an open mind and heart as they share their frustrations, struggles and brokenness with me is a gift. It’s developing a trust, a bond with someone you wouldn’t have sought out to know. Sharing God’s love in this way leaves a Mark on your soul.”

FSM: Are there common threads that each Mentee has that you’ve noticed?

Barbara: “Yes. These women have all come to the realization that life has taken them down difficult paths they didn’t expect almost to the point of being completely broken. I’m amazed that each of them have reached out for help, put one foot in front of the other each day trusting God to help make the changes to live a better, more fulfilling life. It isn’t easy and sometimes they don’t succeed, but through grace, they work at it each day.”

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor, please email us at:

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