Spotlight – Jessica Everett

Rising Strong from shame and numbing to courage in recovery, Jessica has experienced it all. After a 15-year addiction to drugs and hitting rock bottom, she found the determination to turn her life around and reach for the personal and professional success she knew she deserved.
Jessica credits her seven years of sobriety to Inland Valley Recovery Service (IVRS) in Upland, CA. Having personally benefitted from their program and wanting a way to give back, she became an advocate and youth counselor for IVRS. She later assumed the position of Lead Counselor for the IVRS perinatal program, which helps women regain custody of their children from the Department of Children and Family Services. In 2017, Jessica was named IVRS Alumni of the Year, and in 2019 she was named the Finding Something More™ Woman of the Year as well.
After seven years of sobriety, Jessica is now a sales team manager for Patton Steel Company in Ontario, and serves on the Ontario Business Council and Next Gen Family Business Group. She is married with 5 amazing children, and is truly an inspiration to all who meet her!
To learn more about Jessica and how she overcame her life’s obstacles, check out my new podcast here.

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