Spotlight – Maria Bereket

Maria Bereket has been using her time wisely these past months by sharpening her techie skills and continuing to create and teach online courses for digital and social media marketing. She has been involved with online training for years and will be launching several new “digital skills” training courses for Finding Something More exclusively!

So why are digital skills so important? Well, let’s ask Maria!

Maria: “We live in a digital economy so having Digital Skills allows each one of us to build stronger relationships. Sure, you can deepen your friendships, but it is very hard to further your career or even meet new people without elevating your digital skills.”

FSM: Are there specific digital skills that we should be thinking about?

Maria: “There are the obvious platforms to learn—social media, email, mobile apps, but even knowing how to text faster using your thumbs, or updating your LinkedIn profile with optimized information–these are essential skills that all of us are being evaluated for, and trust me, you are being evaluated for these things whether you know it or not.”

FSM: Do you think all the pressure to learn Zoom and text faster will go away once the pandemic ends?

Maria: While I hope that 2021 will bring a return to the pre-pandemic world we all miss, I am certain that there is no reversing the digital shift that was accelerated during our last year sheltering in place. Our economy, our jobs, and almost every business depends on learning and developing digital skills like Zoom and other Apps. In fact, once things settle down, it will be very hard for people to find jobs, or even advance their careers without an understanding of technology and digital tools that are critical in our world today.”

Digital Marketing Consultant and Trainer

Maria Bereket has been our online digital helper but she is also an online digital marketing consultant and content strategist, a 20-year veteran of small business digital and social media marketing. She is a Digital Marketing strategist and writer; A graphic designer and an eLearning designer that helps educators and entrepreneurs to increase learning outcomes and engagement via online courses. Maria is also a frequent speaker and trainer of the digital marketing process. She is a passionate advocate for the importance of learning new skills in our digital economy and that is why we want to share her talents to help all of us.z

Email us if you are interested in taking courses when they are available.

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