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With so many wonderful people coming together to make Finding Something More™ “something urtain and introduce you all to the individuals who make our work look so effortless!

Spotlight:  Kristin Notestine, Beautycounter

When Kristin Notestine was 30-years years old,  she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. As her life was turned upside down she began a deep dive into the reasons that could have caused this condition at such a young age. “I began to look ateverything in my life,” Kristin told us. “The food I ate, the cleaning supplies I was using, and the products I was rubbing on my skin every day!”

What she discovered was that the products we use every day on our facesand bodies are part of an industry that is being guided by regulations thatwere created in 1938 and not changed in over 80 years! Then she found outthat in those guiding laws are a small, hidden loophole that allows cosmeticcompanies to hide ingredients under the term “fragrance” as part of theirtrade secrets.

This was not something that Kristin took lightly. In fact, she was part of a 100person task force that went to Washington DC to share stories with ourregulators in Congress.

“I am shocked,” said Kristin. “That things like the rise in infertility and cancercan be directly linked to certain chemicals and yet the companies that makethe products that we put on our bodies every single day can hide thousandsof those toxic chemicals legally.”

So began her passion, advocacy, and business with Beautycounter, a company that is focused on providing products that are clean, safe, and built on a foundation of education and advocacy for safe products in America.

“I just love this company,” Kristin told us. “We are all about progress and not perfection, and that is important as we navigate the outdated regulations and push for more current and safer ones in the 21st century.” 

We want to spotlight Kristin Notestine because she is a supporter of Finding Something More and also a woman who is doing something more for all of us!
Thank you, Kristin, for fighting for cleaner, safer beauty products and for bringing your incredible line to our holiday boutique. If any of you would like to check out her online site or reach out to Kristin personally, please do!

Supporting one another is important in this digital age and being something more is what we are all about!

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